January 02, 2017


2016 was the year that everything became too much. I was overwhelmed in almost all aspects of my life - moving, finances, decorating and organizing my apartment, staying in touch with friends, and work. I was too busy, and sometimes not busy at all, yet I could never muster the energy to pursue any of my hobbies or passions. I spent many hours on the internet admiring (and envying) people with perfect faces and perfect lives. Like many people, I bought things to make me feel like the person I wanted to become. That person was healthier, thinner, loved to run, had a great job, and a great salary. Well, it turned out, instead of obtaining the best version of myself, I instead accumulated a lot of debt and a lot of guilt. I paid my bills late. I blew my budget every month. I procrastinated. Clothes were strewn all over my apartment floor on many occasions. Everything that used to be organized in my life was in complete disarray. I worked, and worked... and then I spent what free time I had wishing, wanting, and waiting.. but not doing.

Eventually, I hit my breaking point.

Over the last few months, I began to do some self-evaluation. I thought about what it was that I wanted out of life. And what was once reaching a certain level of success has morphed into something simpler - I just wanted to be happy. Happy, to me, doesn't mean financial success or popularity. It meant enjoying what I do for a living and making enough to live a comfortable life. It didn't mean obtaining the perfect physique but being toned and fit because it made me more confident and energized. It meant enjoying every day and not just every other weekend when I didn't have to work. I wanted to surround myself with people I admired and genuinely liked being around. I wanted to stop tracking everything. I wanted more time to go to the beach, watch the sunset, go on hikes, watch my favorite movies and shows, share ideas, paint, and do things that bring me joy. I wanted to stop stressing. I wanted to stop living in Los Angeles because the traffic absolutely sucks. I wanted to focus on eating healthy and becoming more active. I wanted to stop comparing myself to others and just focus on my own journey. I wanted to stop working as much. And I think, what I wanted most of all, was simply to enjoy the present moment rather than strive for the next achievement.

I figured out that in order to make more time for things that make me happy, I had to declutter and simplify all aspects of my life, from my possessions, my relationships, to my finances. That meant having an apartment filled with only things I loved or needed, surrounding myself with those I have fun with and admire, minimizing my expenses, moving to my favorite place in the whole world, and waking up each morning excited to start my day. So 2017, here's to turning my life around.

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