February 11, 2016


Hello hello & Happy Chinese New Year! Long time no update, I know. I've been super busy with work, traveling, and well, enjoying my life in LA. :)

Truthfully, the last couple of months hasn't been so great diet-wise. My work provided me free lunch almost everyday, so I ate out... A LOT. I'd get so full from lunch, that I didn't really even need to make dinner. I rarely cooked. It was terrible. That's why this year I'm really going to focus on my health and fitness. No more excuses!

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Class Pass, and I absolutely love it! Class Pass is about $119/month here in LA, but it gives you access to a bunch of fitness studios in your area. What's even better is you get to use it when you travel to other major cities as well. This fits me perfectly, because sometimes I have to fly for work for a couple of days or spend extensive time in Atlanta visiting family. Also, because they charge you 20 bucks if you cancel your class within 12 hours or don't show up, I'm super motivated to go to every class I sign up for. I've been to one almost every day! I even wake up for the 6am ones! :) Also, I think group fitness suits me the best, because I'm not very self-motivated. When I go to the gym by myself, I often end my work out early, and I don't push myself as hard.

My go-to classes so far have been spin, barre, hot yoga, & pilates.

When I was in Georgia for Christmas break, I hiked Stone Mountain, biked around the Atlanta Belt Line, and went on walks at the local park with my sister. I probably would have done more if it wasn't raining almost the entire time I was there. Either way, it was a huge accomplishment, because I usually just watch lots of movies and stuff my face when I'm home.

@ Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia biking around the Belt Line!

I also decided to get a Fit Bit to track my sleep and fitness. So far, I'm liking it a lot. It's really good for tracking sleep, calories, and heart rate.

Lately, I've been loving buffalo cauliflower. They are amazinggggg!!! It's a vegan alternative to buffalo wings, and it tastes delicious. I ordered these at Public School, which is a bar in DTLA, the other night. I really need to look up the recipe and try to whip these up myself sometime.

Tonight, I will be packing for a snowboarding trip. I can't wait! I'm finally going to Mammoth Mountain here in CA for Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend. I'm also taking Monday off, so I get two full shred days.. So excited! :)

Since starting Class Pass, I have lost 5 lbs so far. If I lose 10-15 more lbs, I would be at goal weight. Ideally, I'd like to be how skinny I was at the start of law school, which was around 97 lbs. Hopefully, I can get close to 100 before I leave for Hawaii next month! :D

Anyways, that's all I'll update for now. I'll be back to post after the weekend.

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