April 11, 2015

Organization: A Card For Every Occassion

Have you ever found yourself running to the grocery store at the last minute to buy a card for your friend's birthday? Or buying generic Christmas cards in bulk and accidentally sending the same one you bought last year to a friend the next year, because you have so many of them, and you forgot which ones you've sent to whom? Well, that used to be me a few years ago. Often times, I either send their card weeks later or forget to buy a card all together because it was such a burden to make a trip to the store to buy one card. However, I knew this was a very unthoughtful thing to do. So slowly, I just began buying greeting cards whenever I spotted a cute or funny one when I'm out grocery shopping. This is how my greeting card organizer started.

I got my box from The Container Store. It was a simple white box with movable dividers. The box also came with one hard divider in the middle, but I ripped it out because it was messing up my divider flow. With washi tape and a label maker, I customized the box to my own liking.

I like to keep my gift labels and stamps in the box as well. I store them in clear poly envelopes, also bought from The Container Store. I like that they have a snap button closure. The gift labels add a nice personal touch to any package I'm sending, and the stamps allow me to to mail my cards out right away. No excuses!

Now my friends think I'm so thoughtful when it comes to this stuff. They think I went out and bought them a nice, individually-picked card. Little do they know, haha. Shhhhh!! Well, technically, the card is individually picked for each person I give the card to... individually picked from my collection of greeting cards, that is!

So there you have it. With this organizer, you can have greeting cards ready to go for every occasion! No more stressing out about getting cards at the last minute!

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