March 12, 2015

DIY: Kate Spade - Inspired Nesting Boxes

Wanna know what's the best-kept secret about organization? Hiding your clutter. When shopping for decor, I always gear towards items that both look good and act as storage for my miscellaneous items. Think - hollow books, lined woven baskets, anything with drawers, and like the ones featured in today's post, decorative storage boxes.

As I was searching for items to fill my empty book shelf, I came across these Kate Spade nesting boxes. They were fun, chic, and most importantly, had touches of gold. If it isn't obvious, I absolutely love gold. I guess I discovered this about myself after going to stores and noticing how I'm pretty much drawn to everything that had gold details on it. Needless to say, it wasn't a surprise when I found myself fawning over the gold-rimmed lids on these babies.

I debated for a while about whether I should just bite the bullet and pay a steep $54 & shipping for the real deal. I mean, at the end of the day, they're just boxes. Is it really worth that much? Of course, with everything I get obsessed with, I like to go on Pinterest and browse for the item for most of the day. On there, I also stumbled on a bunch of DIY versions and was instantly inspired to make my own!

Materials: Spray Paint (Here, I used Design Master Perfect Pink & Coral, Krylon Black and White), Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding (for the gold trim on the lids), Martha Stewart Gold Book Plates (discontinued in stores; ordered on Amazon), paint brush, Painter's Tape (thickest diameter), and Cardboard Nesting Boxes (from Michaels)

In hindsight, I would probably look for boxes with a smooth finish instead of cardboard. Cardboard is a porous material, so I found it hard to get a nice even coat of spray paint on there.

I took the boxes out on my patio, covered the ground with an old table cloth (or use newspapers), and spray painted the lids and boxes separately (I place the box upside down, with the bottom facing up). I let each coat dry in between. It took probably 5 coats total for each box.

For the black and white striped box, I spray painted the entire box white first (however many coats it takes to get an even finish). Then after the paint dries, I used painter's tape to tape off the areas I want to leave white, so I can paint the areas I want black. An important thing to note is to make sure the color for the edges of the lid is the opposite of the color that the edges touch. Below, see how I taped off the edge of the lid and it contrasts with the white underneath? Make sure you do that! Same goes for the top part!

To make the stripes even-sized, I place one layer of tape against an edge, like the bottom edge of the box, then place a second layer of strip directly above it, letting the edges touch. Then, since I was the bottom stripe to be white, I remove the bottom layer of tape. I keep repeating the same method to get even stripes throughout. Don't worry if you end at a partial stripe. It'll still look good at the end.

So after you're done spray painting everything, simply use the painter's tape again to tape off the edges of the lid, leaving a small trim to paint with the liquid gold gilding. Make sure the edges are adhered well to the box. You don't want any gaps! Then use the paint brush to paint on the gold. I stroke the brush downward away from the tape. This way, you don't have to worry about the paint seeping underneath the tape. I would probably have the lid sit on something tall so it won't touch any surface while you're doing this part, and let it dry that way.

Lastly, adhere the book plates to the center of the box. You can hand write your labels, or you can use a label maker like I did. I use black font on clear tape with a Brother P-Touch label maker.

Here's my finish product. Not perfect, but I think the mistakes kinda add a vintage look to it, haha. 

And here it is sitting on my shelf.

If you try this out yourself, be sure to tag me on instagram! @acupofjules or #cupofjules

Happy crafting! <3

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