January 06, 2015

DIY: Lace & Ribbon Vase

While in the process of making my room look more shabby chic, I put together this cute flower vase to sit on my nightstand. 

Materials: Empty fishbowl vase, small pink bouquet, small lavender bouquet - all found at Michaels; lace & pink ribbon (Wal-Mart) 

I used mod podge to stick the lace (doily) ribbon around the vase and tied a pink ribbon over the doily into a bow to finish it off. I arranged pink, purple, and white silk flowers, which came in some bouquets I picked up at Michaels. The colors match the 'romantic' ambiance of my room. Instead of trimming the stems, I bent them to fit into the vase. That way, I can re-use the flowers for a different project if I change my mind.

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