August 04, 2013

New Gold Edition Life Planner

Hello August! And hello to a wonderful new, busy, and exciting school year - said with utmost sarcasm. But seriously, I am going to be very overwhelmed in the coming fall since I will be working during the day, taking classes at night, and doing a million things in between. =/ heh. No worries. Not with my trusty agenda by my side. I thought this year, why not invest in the very best? In other words, I got the Gold Edition Life Planner from, which starts at $75, and after three long weeks, it arrived yesterday. I just want to showcase some of the new features for this year's planner and may also post a video review later. :)

[See my post for the 2012-2013 Life Planner]

Left - Regular Life Planner (Gift for My Niece); Right - Gold Edition Life Planner (Mine)

By the way.. Funny story. So I was at home cleaning my apartment, sweeping outside, and I saw the postman drop off my mail. As he walked away, I opened up my mailbox and found a note from USPS with "Oops! We missed you! Please pick up your package at the leasing office." *Scratches my head.* This guy was seriously lazy, because I looked him dead in the eye when he placed the mail into my mailbox. How can he miss me, when I was physically standing in front of him? Whatever, I guess. I marched over to the leasing office, and of course, it was not there.. because I guess the postman was going to go drop off all those 'missed' packages later.. when he felt like it. Long story short, even though my package arrived, I could not pick it up til 2 hours later at my leasing office. It was a very suspenseful 2 hours by the way. :(

The Usual Cute Packaging from
Aww, even their advertisement / promo stuff is adorable.

Front Page

Quote on Second Page - I love this quote so much!

Durable Tabs

Two-Sided "Keep It Together" Pocket

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