July 21, 2013

DIY: Horizontal Organizer (Drawers)

A few months ago, after searching high and low for a horizontal organizer to no avail, I decided to build my own. This was actually a bit harder than I imagined, especially with measurements. I also had to enlist the help of my good friend, Peter, who told me that he knew how to work a jigsaw.  Without questioning his skills, we ventured to the Home Depot and used their manual jigsaw. I know you're suppose to only use it to cut down to size their wood trimming, but heck, I bought something from the store, so I'm entitled to do whatever I want! Or that's what I keep rationalizing to myself anyway.

Materials: Hobby wood (Home Depot), hammer, tiny nails, wood glue or super glue, bins that fit (Rubbermaid Bento organizers), ruler or measuring tape, pencil, jigsaw

1) Take measurements and mark with the pencil the areas you need to saw.
2) Saw it down to size.
3) Use wood glue to piece it together.
4) Nail it together.
5) Stain it if you'd like, but I left it as is.
6) Place bins inside and start organizing. :)

Voila! Instant storage for nail polishes & other miscellaneous items

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