April 10, 2013

DIY: Tinted Chapstick

This tutorial is great if you want to combine various lipsticks which you think may be too bright or too nude on its own. You could also use this tutorial to create a tinted lip balm with your favorite lipstick just to keep it toned down. Also, I like to melt mine into a chapstick tube, because when you're reapplying throughout the day, you don't look as vain. :P

Materials: Straightener, Spoon, lipstick of choice, plain chapstick, bobby pin or toothpick, and post-it note or small sheet of paper

Alternative Method: Candle (However, I think a straightener is safer).

Slice the chapstick (I used a bobby pin to do this), leaving 1cm or so left inside the tube. Do not take out the whole chapstick tube!!! If you do, there will be nothing plugging the hole at the bottom. Mix it with whatever lipsticks you want. Experiment with various proportions, etc. Whatever color you want to be dominant, slice more of that into the mix. I want mine to be a tint, so I mixed more chapstick than lipstick.

Place the spoon onto a heated straightener. It should start melting. As it melts, stir with a toothpick or bobby pin.

Wrap your post-it into a cone shape. Turn the chapstick tube ALL THE WAY DOWN. Then place the cone inside. Tape the paper in place if you want. Pour the fully melted mixture into the funnel. It will spill a little. That's ok. Wipe any excess that gets onto the outside of the tube.

It will solidify after a few minutes.

Enjoy your new tinted chapstick!

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