August 23, 2012

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case Review & Update

It's terrible. I have barely logged in nor post on this blog in ages, and I apologize. My life as of late has been chaotic, somewhat lonely, stressful at times, but mostly exciting. For one, I moved across the country, so you can just imagine my endeavors. Also, last month, my camera malfunctioned after being soaked in water at the beach, so all I have is my iPhone camera. I wanted to make videos and what not, especially of my suitcase review, but that's not really possible without a digital camera and a tripod. However, a SLR camera is on my christmas wishlist, so hopefully me or multiple members of my family can chip in and get me a decent camera. *hopeful grin*

Now that we got excuses out of the way...  New place means new stuff. New stuff = Frivolous spending & pretty things. Since my car is still in transit, I've been walking to stores or for the most part, making purchases online. Amazon is my best friend right now, no lie. I have a few new things to review that relate to organization. This particular post will be on....

Targus Versavu Bone White Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 3.
Note: I have an iPad 2, and it fits and works the same. ;) I got this baby for $59 with 2-Day-Shipping v.s. the exact same one sold at Best Buy for $91 with tax!
Amazon Link: Targus Versavu Keyboard Case for the New iPad (3rd Gen), Wi-Fi / 4G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB THZ171US (Bone White)

So the gist is that I needed to take notes in class (seriously I was typing what the professor was saying verbatim), and lugging a laptop around was so inconvenient. I've seen people use the keypad with their iPads before, but I never really thought about getting one, because the separate keyboard itself seemed even more inconvenient to carry around.

I was intrigued when I saw a friend with this case. I thought the built-in keyboard was especially cool.  Additionally, it works like a regular case, in that it folds over like a portfolio when it's not in use. There is an elastic strap that holds it into place. The keyboard is designed to not scratch your screen when it's in folding position. There are holes for camera and all that, too, of course.

The nice thing is that it swivels so you can type in both portrait and landscape mode. *squeals* The keyboard works really well, and I can type as fast as on my laptop. There are just a few minor keys about the keyboard that doesn't work the same like a regular laptop keyboard, mainly involving punctuation. Thanks to this case, I can now proudly say I use my iPad, because for the past year, it's been collecting dust. In fact, I use it so much, I sometimes find myself touching the screen of my macbook pro thinking it's an ipad.

Ok, Julie, enough, what's the' verdict?? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Anyways, I've rambled enough and besides, I literally only have 1-2 hours to spare out of my day that isn't devoted to studying. I'm proud of myself for even being able to log on here. But fret not, I will be posting more consistently, and I have countless ideas for future posts. Follow me! & Of course, comment.

P.S. A peek of my first week of orientation! Basically free eats, taking oaths, networking, and hearing lots of advice on how to survive the next 3 years...

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