June 26, 2012

Sigma Travel Brush Holder Review + Promo Code

For the past couple weeks, I have been keeping my eye on travel goodies to keep me organized as I go back and forth from home since I am moving away soon. I've already placed an order for new luggage (review to come) and picked up some items from the travel sale at The Container Store as well.

The most recently purchased item that I love is the Sigma travel brush holderThis is pretty much the only brush holder I have found that is in cup form. Most of the others were fabric rolled up ones or whatever they're called. I find those to be unsanitary and inconvenient. I suppose I'm just used to simply picking my brush out of a cup and placing it back in with ease rather than having to tuck a brush back into an elastic as you would with one of those brush rolls. I also find this holder to be more useful since it can accommodate for not only more brushes but also bigger and taller brushes. Additionally, the sides have snap-button closures to keep the cups secure. When you pull them apart, you can use one cup to store other things if you're not carrying too many brushes with you. I like to place a toothbrush or comb/brush in mine, because I don't like to keep my brushes laying on hotel counters. The cup holder is also a good quality faux-leather material so it will be durable for long-term use.

You can see it is quite tall when stacked so you can fit even the super long brushes inside.

I looked on the website, and these holders come in other colors when purchased with the travel brush set. 

I think the brush set will be a great investment if you don't already have brushes or are new to make-up. Sigma brushes are comparable to Mac, I believe. I bought my travel brush holder for $20+shipping (not bad considering how I'll be using it for years to come). Lucky for you, right now, there is a 10% discount code if you're interested in a make-up brush holder for yourself. :)

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    Nice picks BTW. I love it!


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