June 18, 2012

Grocery List Idea

Most people write grocery lists on paper.. notepads.. their phones.. Me? I write it on envelopes. No kidding. It's so much easier this way. Any item I have a coupon for, I will simply highlight, then insert the coupon inside the envelope.

I learned this tip back when I first started extreme couponing. I don't really have time to EXTREME coupon anymore (Extreme as in I still have like a bazillion free toothpastes), but I will break out the printable coupons now and then. Always google for coupons on the web before you go grocery shopping!

Stay frugal.


  1. This is an amazing idea! And I am really getting into coupons...any sites you can suggest?

    1. Hey!! Thanks! Back when I first started couponing, my go-to website was http://thekrazycouponlady.com/ She has a beginners tutorial on how you can start extreme couponing. Granted, us girls probably don't need 10 jars of mayonnaise, but when there's a deal on tampons or make-up, I'm all about it! I've gotten cover girl blushes and eyeliners for free. I'm going to do a blog entry on gift baskets I've made from my couponing freebies soon. :)


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