June 18, 2012

DIY: Nude Wedges

What's more flattering for a short girl than a pair of sky high stilettos? Nude wedges. Wedges are the perfect dressy-but-casual walking shoes. Nude wedges, like nude heels can add height to your stature because it looks like it's extending your legs. Yesterday, I went on a scavenger hunt for the perfect pair, hitting up stores such as DSW, Payless, and Rack Room Shoes but to no avail. Defeated, I looked in my closet and found these adorable wedges I've always loved (plus I paid less than twenty bucks for them!). However, the platform was of course your typical dark brown. So what did I do? I broke out the flesh-tone acrylic paint and some cheap top coat nail polish! Here's how I painted mine:

1. Buff out any imperfections with a nail buffer.

2. Spray a little bit of water on your paint brush and some in the acrylic paint to thin out the consistency of the paint. This is how the shoe looks after one coat.

3. After 3 coats, it should look even. Make sure to go over any spots where the original color peaks through. Let it dry, then top it off with a clear coat nail varnish. I used a cheap $1 one from ELF. I applied it with a clean paint brush.

4. Voila! Work those wedges, girl! :D

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