June 25, 2012

Car Essentials Kit

Spare tire, car jack, cell phone, map?? Yeah, those things will come in handy if you're stranded by the road. However, those are not the emergency items I'm talking about. Instead, think: shout wipes because you stained your shirt while scarfing down french fries as you dangerously maneuver through traffic, fresh breath before a hot date so you don't scare him off, or simply some deodorant after a quick run.

Last night, I rummaged through my extreme couponing closet and found a bunch of random freebies/sample size products and thought how perfectly they'd come together as a car kit. I'm sure you have quite a few of these miscellaneous travel size items laying around as well. Excuse the kiddy holiday design container. I bought a bunch last Christmas in the dollar aisle at Target to give as holiday party favors.

See how nicely it fits in that little compartment next to my seat. <3


  1. Such a great idea! And super cute!

  2. Hi, I just want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

    Nice post by the way. You have a great taste in make-up accessories!


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